Sea Moss – Scoop 1

Aye! First post of the year! I’m hoping to write more this year to keep a steady flow, but I have a few more things I want to put on my plate so I’ll see how that turns out. Like a lot of people every year. We all decide to get back in decent shape. […]

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Time and Change…

Today, I started a new job. It was like going to a new school in a new state (military kids know how that goes) and you have to do that people surveillance to see who is going to be cool or not. Everything went as well for a first day, but it still felt weird […]

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Daddy in the Kitchen

Growing up, I was never “taught” how to cook. I just kinda figured it out. The first time I cooked food without help, I burnt it, messed up my momma’s favorite pot, smoke alarm going off… Yeah, it was bad. Over the years though, I’ve learn how to cook, not only in the kitchen, but […]

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