#TBT-GrowingUpKorean: Getting Rid of the Bad Blood

A lil throwback story for yall… #GrowingUpKoreanChronicles Question: Are all Asian mothers uncertified doctors? I ask because I got this treatment alot. When I was young, whenever I didn’t feel well, I got the “go lay down” treatment. But…. if I started feeling worse, throwing up, fever, etc, etc., I would received the worst home […]

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GrowingUpKorean: The time I lost a toenail…

Have I ever told yall about the time I lost my big toe nail? Well… I was about 10/11 years old and it was the beginning of the school year. My friends and I had just hopped off the bus and we all decided to meet up at my house then ride bikes around the […]

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GrowingUpKorean: Because it’s my momma’s birthday…

Welcome to The Blasian Daddy Blog! So being my first post and it’s my momma’s birthday, I figured it would only be right to tell a story. If you follow me on Facebook, then you know #GrowingUpKorean can be tough, but funny to look back on. But regardless of the tough love, there’s nothing like […]

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