Sea Moss – Scoop 1

Aye! First post of the year! I’m hoping to write more this year to keep a steady flow, but I have a few more things I want to put on my plate so I’ll see how that turns out. Like a lot of people every year. We all decide to get back in decent shape. […]

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Today, I had the chance to take my family up to Raleigh for the 3rd Annual Koreafest hosted by Global Korean Wave Federal and we had a blast. We ate everything from bulgogi tacos to kimbap and hotteok and everything in between. Mini me learn how to write her name in Korean, play several Korean […]

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I have a shovel and an alibi.

The other day I had an eventful day at the store. Normally, I’m in and out, but this day had me there a little longer than desired. The Mrs. and mini me were hanging out inside while I took the bags to the car. While returning back to the store, I hear a female voice […]

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