Chef BoyarBlack

A few months ago, my mother taught me how to make egg rolls. Ever since then, I’ve put off making them by myself. Not only because they were time consuming, but also I didn’t know if they were going to taste as good as my mother’s. I then realized, my egg rolls will never be […]

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Smoking Food

Now, I’m not a professional or anything close to a chef, but I do consider myself a foodie. So when my wife bought me a smoker for Father’s Day, I was super excited. I knew right away, chicken and beef were going to be my number 1 choices to start with, and let me tell […]

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Daddy in the Kitchen

Growing up, I was never “taught” how to cook. I just kinda figured it out. The first time I cooked food without help, I burnt it, messed up my momma’s favorite pot, smoke alarm going off… Yeah, it was bad. Over the years though, I’ve learn how to cook, not only in the kitchen, but […]

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