Daddy in the Kitchen

Growing up, I was never “taught” how to cook. I just kinda figured it out. The first time I cooked food without help, I burnt it, messed up my momma’s favorite pot, smoke alarm going off… Yeah, it was bad.

Over the years though, I’ve learn how to cook, not only in the kitchen, but on the grill as well. I’m no sous chef, but I dibble and dabble every now and then.

A few of the past times I’ve been in the kitchen, I’ve let mini me “cook”. She has her age safe cooking utensils and I help her with the adult items, but I think her learning to cook now can help her in many ways later in life.

Here are a few things mini me experienced while cooking:

  1. Cooking for herself allows her confidence to increase. She can say “I made this”
  2. We get to bond together and share thoughts and ideas about what we’re making.
  3. She learns about fractions and measurements in a fun way.
  4. She also learns how to read recipes and how they give step by step instructions so your food will turn out right.
  5. Cooking is a life skill everyone should have. Starting earlier than later will help prevent burnt spaghetti’os

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!



Today, I had the chance to take my family up to Raleigh for the 3rd Annual Koreafest hosted by Global Korean Wave Federal and we had a blast. We ate everything from bulgogi tacos to kimbap and hotteok and everything in between. Mini me learn how to write her name in Korean, play several Korean musical instruments, and watch the Kpop dance competition (our favorite part).

We appreciate events like this because it allows my daughter to experience part of the Korean culture that my mother grew up with. Kpop was around when my mom was young, but Koreafest showed more than that. This was the 100th year anniversary Korea has been free from Japan’s control and my daughter was able to learn about that. She was able to see so many different Korean foods, even though she only eats rice and seaweed. She was able to see Korean women in their hanbok teaching how to play music, write in the Korean language, and play Korean games.

This event allowed my daughter to experience her Korean culture that I know I couldn’t give.

Thank you to Global Korean Wave Federation for this event. This was our first year going and hope to attend next year.

I have a shovel and an alibi.

The other day I had an eventful day at the store. Normally, I’m in and out, but this day had me there a little longer than desired.

The Mrs. and mini me were hanging out inside while I took the bags to the car. While returning back to the store, I hear a female voice yell out “Yo!” She was standing next to a car in the middle of the road in front of the store. I thought she was almost hit by the car so it made sense for her to be mad. Then she walked around to the driver side, flung open the door, and started throwing punches! I was about 25 yards away so I couldn’t see the driver through the windshield (I have bad eyes), but I knew the driver was getting handled. I’m not the one to get involved in other people’s drama, but at the same time, I didn’t want it to get out of hand either. So I yelled out “Aye stop!” It was a lazy yell, but I thought it would work; it didn’t.

So I started that slow jog over to the car, you know the jog when you don’t want to hurry but gotta show effort, and I hear a male’s voice scream out “Help!” That’s when I put a little more umph into my jog. Fortunately, another bystander got there before me and broke up the scuffle. The female was yelling “You married yo! You got a whole wife!” then started power walking towards the store. The beatened guy in the car drives up slow beside her, rolls the window down and says “I don’t think I did anything wrong.”

The lady flips out.

She yanks the door open again, screams “You were texting her on our anniversary”, grabs and tosses his phone in the street, and starts throwing more punches. So I grab her and tell her to keep walking and then I tell the dude to leave. As I’m holding back the lady, I turn and see 2 toddler aged kids in the back seat. Now I’m more worried because there are children in the mix. The guy gets out of his car to get his phone, thanks me and the other bystander for helping and drives off. The lady also goes to her car and I assume she leaves.


So all of this goes on, I’m telling my wife what happened, and all I can think about is how can I raise mini me and prevent her from going through an episode like that? The truth is, I probably can’t. I can raise my daughter right, teach her everything I know about life, relationships, love, work, sports, yada yada yada, but in the end there will guys who try to pull a fast one just because. Part of my daddy duties is to teach her how to recognize game. Another part of my duties is to have a shovel and an alibi. (Dads understand). We’ll continue to raise mini me the best way we know how and hopefully the things we teach her will allow her to avoid parking lot situations.


Chapter 36

Sheesh! Starting another chapter already. Seems like yesterday I was in the skating rink with a tall white t-shirt and baggy jeans, backward skating to Soul For Real’s “Candy Rain”. Now, I need a 3 day weekend just to recovery if I go skating.

They say time and change are the only thing that’s constant, which is true and always will be. I’m blessed enough to experience the things I have in 36 years, the good, bad , and ugly, and I can’t wait to experience what else God has planned for me.

Since I’ve been adulting, I’ve always looked at birthdays as a day to reflect on previous experiences and what is next for me and my family. There have been ups, downs, and all around, but along the way, over the last 36 years I’ve learned a few things.

  1. You are not everyone’s keeper
  2. Everyone deserves to be happy
  3. Procrastination will kill your dream
  4. Its okay to smile sometimes and its okay to cry too
  5. The truth hurts
  6. Don’t be afraid to try something new
  7. Just because they are blood related, doesn’t make them family.
  8. Only look back at the past to make sure you’ve learned from it
  9. Learn to say “No” sometimes
  10. Listen and learn
  11. Everybody is different (Tyron taught me that)
  12. Take care of yourself
  13. It’s okay to eat your favorite fried foods.
  14. If you ask for help, the worst answer is no. But the answer is always no if you don’t ask. (I’m still learning this one)
  15. Laugh with others, not at others.

Baby phone

Thank you for all the birthday love and wishes! I truly appreciate it! Lets continue to learn and grow! Let’s make this chapter filled with love, peace, wealth, gratitude, and good health!


Why are kids critical thinkers when it’s time to go to sleep???

Can I kick it with yall for a little?

Almost every night, mini me and I do our nightly duties together. Get vitamins, brush teeth, get tucked in bed, and go to sleep. It’s a normal routine for most parents I know. It seems simple, but there are times where my child feels as though she becomes a philosopher or instantly earns her PhD in Askquestionology and brings up topics that we have never talked about.

The other night, mini me told me, “Daddy, I don’t know when I fall asleep. Why don’t I know when I fall asleep?”

I sat there and pondered to myself and I really did not have a good answer. So I replied, “That’s the way God wanted it to be.” (You use the same quote some times)

So now, I’m thinking about the same thing and it made me research “Do we know when we fall asleep?”, and technically it’s a gradual process. There are different stages of sleep and when you get sleepy, your brain activity slows down and… See what happened there. The question my daughter asked me allowed me to research a topic that I didn’t know much about so I can explain it to her later.

This taught me to listen to her questions, even if I don’t know the right answer right now. Read, learn, then teach. I feel it’s one of our responsibilities as parents to make our children comfortable talking to us about everything.

So let your child ask you questions, even if it’s time to go bed. Those questions can be beneficial for both of you.

Share some of your kids’ craziest late night questions!

Have a great weekend yall!

GrowingUpKorean: Because it’s my momma’s birthday…

Welcome to The Blasian Daddy Blog!

So being my first post and it’s my momma’s birthday, I figured it would only be right to tell a story. If you follow me on Facebook, then you know #GrowingUpKorean can be tough, but funny to look back on. But regardless of the tough love, there’s nothing like a mother’s love. Regardless of how old you get, your mother will always be your mother and there’s a love there that will never die.

So almost 2 years ago, I had my tonsils and adenoids removed. For those of you who have had this delightful procedure, know that the first few days after is pretty rough. I could only have liquids for the first few days and it was horrible… the 2nd day of being home, my mother brings me a smoothie. Keep in mind, that I’ve only been doing clear liquids. My mother brought me the thickest looking smoothie in the world. It was a mud colored brown, with a half inch of a white icing looking substance. The thicker ingredients had separated themselves from the “smoothie” and was sitting as the top half of the smoothie. It was warm, like temperature warm and all I could think of was a soiled diaper in a smoothie cup. I could barely whisper, but asked my mom “What is this?” .

My momma said “It’s a meat smoothie”.

Yep… A meat smoothie.

I couldn’t do anything but shake my head. I asked her what was in it and she told me “meat, potatoes, spinach…” I stopped her right there.. I couldn’t stomach to hear anymore. I told her thank you and went to lay down. After she left, I had to pour out the smoothie; it was bothering me. I went into the kitchen and turned the cup upside down to empty it out in the garbage disposal. Nothing came out. The smoothie was being held back by the layer of white molasses-like fat from the 73/27 meat mixed with mashed potatoes. I just threw the whole cup away…

I don’t know how she expected me to drink that, but it just shows that a mother will do anything to keep her son fed… even if it’s in the form of a meat smoothie…

Happy birthday Ma! Love you!


My First Thank You

Welcome to The Blasian Daddy Blog!

I’ve been thinking about doing a blog for while so I finally took the leap. Just writing about things we experience as a daddy, a husband, a son, a brother, and a friend.  Being raised by a Korean mother taught me to look at things differently. Now that I’m a husband and a father, I plan to use what my mother taught me and what my wife and learn along the way, to raise our daughter the best way possible. Hopefully, we can share thoughts and laughs on life, love, parenting, travel, food, and much more!

Thank you for reading and welcome!


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